Dental Practice Management – How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Dental Practice

Best ways to use Facebook to promote your dental practice. These tips will help you to spread the information about your dental clinic to future local patients.

In this guide, we will show you the basics of how a dentist can use Facebook to his/her professional advantage. The guide is aimed at the Dentist who wants to market their Dental Practice on the world’s largest social network.

It can be used to create a brand awareness of your dental practice and reach many potential patients in and around your community.

Facebook Marketing:

A Comprehensive Guide for Dentists

    • Facebook is the largest social network in the world. It has more than 1.5 billion active members and nearly 70 % of them are constantly logged in to the Facebook via the Facebook app. Remaining 30 % keep logging in at least twice a day. In short, the numbers are gigantic. 
    • Anybody, you know like friends or family or anyone you don’t know – everyone is on Facebook and that builds up a huge chain of individuals who discuss, share, post and keep exchanging information.

  • You must have seen Big Consumer Brands & Publication houses have dedicated Facebook pages with millions of likes and they continuously keep sharing relevant information in their with millions viewing them including you. 

The Good point is that you as a Dentist can also use Facebook as a Marketing tool to promote your Dental Practice.

You might not realize it but Facebook has a great marketing potential for your clinic.

Facebook advertising platform allows you to zero in and specify the type of people you’re looking for.

You can target by location, demographics, and interests.

Can Dentists Reach Patients Via Facebook

Yes, They Can!

  • Facebook may have started out as a social network for college students, but, by now, nearly everyone with an internet connection is using it. The minimum age requirement is 13, and there is reason to believe it is being used by all other age groups.
  • So you can expect all of your previous patients and future prospective patients to be there in Facebook. You will get a mode to directly reach young and old patients on their phone.
  • Facebook promotions give you the control over your advertisements. You have the option to target your prospective future clients by location, demographics, age, interest & sex.

Hence, in short, Facebook gives you the power to reach thousands of people who are on Facebook by targeted ads.

When thousand targeted audience sees your ad, there are more chances that many of them might come to you when looking for a dentist.


Facebook Pages 

Facebook Ads

Facebook Groups

We will see each step in details and by the end of the post, you will be a pro in using Facebook for use dental website profession.

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How To Use Facebook Page For Your Dental Promotion 

Using Facebook Page for Your Dental Practice Promotion

Facebook pages are similar to profiles, but for businesses, organizations, and public figures.

Users can “Like” a page, which means they’ll automatically receive updates from that page in their news feed. Users also have the option to “Like” a page but not follow it.

While profiles require a mutual relationship between friends, pages can be liked by anyone, without a requirement for the page creator to accept a fan.

They also don’t have a restriction on the number of friends/fans they can have (unlike profiles, which are limited to 5,000 friends).

Advantages: Pages are free and easy to set up.

Disadvantages: It can be hard to get a foothold and build a fan base with a page.

But, still it is something that you should start at the earliest.

Steps to Build an Effective Facebook Page

Your Facebook page is the beginning of your Facebook promotion effort. So, keep in mind to make it proper from the 1st day so that it has a better SEO and Reach in Google and Facebook.

    1. Choose a descriptive and memorable username: Sometimes called a vanity URL, your Facebook page username is simply the web address for your page (e.g., Usually, when you create a page your URL will have a numerical number. You need to change that to the Name of your dental clinic. You must have at least 25 ‘likes’ in order to claim a vanity URL. So ask your friends to like your clinic page.

  1. About section of your page: Every Facebook page has an about section. Never leave it empty. Write about your dental practice, its complete location, website URL & contact number. Once your page gathers momentum, many prospective will contact you via the Facebook page.
  2. Category of Your Page: Remember that your Facebook page is a local business. So choose the correct category. Create a check-in option for your page.
  3. Cover Image and Profile Image: Create a well-designed cover pic and a good logo to be used as a profile pic. The images should be of professional quality and must reflect the uniqueness of your dental practice. Point to note: Maintain the correct specified sizes for your cover & profile images otherwise they will appear skewed and stretched. Your cover photo should be 851×315 pixels and your profile photo should be 160×160 pixels.

Most Important Factor to Keep in consideration about Facebook pages

Research of social behavior study at Orlando University states that most people will visit your page wall only once.

They will like your page, and then continue to interact with your posts that appear in their newsfeed – but will rarely (if ever) exclusively visit your wall again.

For this reason, your page’s primary function is to get people to click that ‘Like’ button.

Facebook allows page admins to pin one post to the top of their page.

Ensure that the topic of this post is interesting, unique and contains an eye-catching image.

Many of your future clients will get to know about your clinic when their friends or family like your page.

So make sure you have a great video, photo or a link to article pinned at the top, that lends credibility to your dental practice and page.

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