Top 20 Happiest Points In The Life of A Dentist. Let's Recap and Enjoy them.

Being a full time dentist is not easy. Its perhaps one of the most toughest courses. BDS lasts for around 4 years plus one year of internship. That around 5 years to finish BDS graduation. In some states govt has now put mandatory 2 years rural service to be eligible for degree.The journey from BDS to MDS is not only tough but costly also. But there is much more to dentistry also.

Yes, its is tough & stressful … but there are numerous happy and gratifying moments also. Every profession has its happy days. And dentistry also provides many happy and satisfying scenarios. Problem is in between all stresses, we don’t notice them.

In this post we will look at some of those happy moments.

Yay ….

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1.Changing Some One’s Smile

This is the real happiness of a dentist/dental student.

With our knowledge and craft we can change some ones smile and life.

This is the real happiness of this profession.

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2.Having Your Own Clinic

This is one happiness that all dental student wants. The day you have your own clinic … that’s one of the most happiest day of your life.

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3.Happiness is remembering friends

Exam times are curious case . The more you try to study

the more your mind think about past good times with friends.

Next happiness is results

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4.Passing Final Year

One of the best happiness of any dental student is passing final year exams and reaching internship.

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5. Sleeping In Class

We never realise it until the student days are over.

Sleeping in class was such a luxury and happy time :).

Let it be any theory class, we will just doze off in to our own world.

After lunch theory classes were perfect for that back bench sleep in class.

I once slept off in the 1st bench itself 😀 … Once you pass out …

you will always recall those days whenever you feel sleepy in the afternoon.

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6. Happiness  is  When You Can Spell “Aa”

The true value of this  happiness only a Dental Student can understand 😀

You know it …

Next  happiness has some thing to do with internship … 😀

7. Not Getting An Extension

We reach internship after so much hard work. And then we just want to enjoy and relax. Some times we enjoy so much that we end up in bunking too many days. I also did.

How Happy You Will Feel If You Don’t Get An Extension !

Now That’s Happiness 😀

Next Happiness in When

Patients Get You Sweet After Treatment

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8. Patient Gets You Sweet

Its a real happiness when a patient remembers your B Day & brings you chocolate. It has happened with me … And it is indeed a hapiness.

A simple root canal treatment can also provide a lot of happiness … see next …

9. GP reaching the whole canal

While doing Root Canal … when the gutta purcha reaches the whole working length … its does give a lot of  happiness

Do you remember how happy you feel when you see a perfectly done RCT and IOPA,

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10. Perfect IOPA after Root Canal Treatment

This no doubt gives immense happiness to any dental student.

Getting a patient.

Arranging all files & instruments.

Pre Case questions by staff.

Completing the case

Getting the post operative IOPA

IOPA shows that The GP completely fills the canal & reaches just the correct length till the apex.

Happiness …


11. Well Done Composite Restoration

Happiness is a well done composite restoration that completely matches with the natural tooth.

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Happiness When A Patient Calls to Say Thank You 

12.Happiness is going Home

Whether you are a working dentist or dental student it’s always a great happiness going home 🙂

13. A call from the patient

Its true happiness to get a call from the patient just to say Hi

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Getting Perfect Alginate Mix

14. Properly Mixed Alginate

He he 🙂

This might seem funny but Getting a proper Mix of Alginate

gives lot of happiness and also you don’t waste your materials.

15. Getting a perfect IOPA without cone cut

Its so much happiness to get a perfect X RAY without any cone cut in the 1st attempt.

No need of repeating it.

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Finding that Perfect Case for Your Practical Exams

16. Finding the case for Final Practical Exams

This is one tough work. Getting that perfect class II cavity case for final year exams.

But we we do get it that’s happiness.

17. Happiness finishing the Quota Before Exams

For a dental student its always a great RELIEF and happiness in finishing all the necessary case quotas & getting all the signatures right before exams.

Work with little money will be good right … ? ?

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18. When The Patient Pays

Dentists work very hard to give benefit to their patients.

They also have their own families.

So after a hard days of work or a tough case when the patient pays for our fees … that’s happiness for us.

The last and the biggest happiness of all is When You are Called a Doctor

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19. When We Are Called A Doctor

We start our BDS days with great enthusiasm. We work very hard for 5 years to complete the course. And the Day finally Comes when we complete our internship and we are officially doctors and ready for more achievements in life. Its a day that’s not only proud for us but also for our parents and other loved ones.

Life of a dental student summary …

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20. Life Of A Dental Student

Life of a dental student is full of memories and events. Some are good and some are bad. Some are tough and some are easy. We need to take each and every thing in stride and work towards better things so that we can not only be proud of ourselves but also our parents can be proud of us.

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Frankly speaking … In my school days all I ever wanted was to do something in the field of technology. May be it engineering, software or graphic designing. Though there were doctors in my family, but I never felt inclined to it. I bought the first computer latter than any of my friends.

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