Life of A Dental Student - 32 Intact - Classes, clinical quotas, record works, friends and so many memories and experiences.

This story is a recollection of the Days of Post Graduation in Dentistry. You might think that after passing Dental Graduation and getting into Post Graduation every thing is very smooth and good. It means you have arrived. But it’s not that easy.

Read the story on for a good laugh on the life of a Dental Student 🙂

Hi there … How are you doing? 

My self Dr.Deb.

Your friendly neighborhood dentist & the reclusive editor at Dentalorg.Com

Umm … As it goes am still a student. Doing my MDS 🙁 (Post Graduation in Periodontics)

Getting my daily dose of kicks and bumps from the college. Today especially was very tough … Or you can say epic with an epic proportion of good old college dose … Phew !!!

I started my journey in dentistry in the year 2004. Fresh out of 12th and raring to make a place in this world. All pumped up and ready to fight for my turf in this big world.

When you are eighteen, just out of school, fresh into a professional college … there are a million of hopes and dreams in imagination.

Simply put, most of us are just shielded from all the hard ships of life by our parents till now. And in dental college, we are finally exposed to many aspects of life that shape us emotionally.

BDS (Dental Graduation) it-self was a roller coaster ride.

It starts slowly.

And starts getting faster n faster.

We make friends, have our share of fights, some fall in love, gather in canteen after college.

Then there are exams, clinical quotas, assignments … the list is endless.

Of many such instances, I can confess few things that make my lips smile on thinking 🙂

Faking signatures on records & oral path records.

🙂 … I know it’s not a correct thing to do, but all of us have done it at some point.

And I can still remember the chill I felt on my back when I was showing my OP record to mam and I had forged 5 signs.

Perfect foolishness.

But escaped. Lol … Not a correct thing but some how it has become a fond memory.

Most common nostalgic moments for any Dentist:

Finishing anatomy slides and then oral path slides.                                                                                             

•Running around to finish the preclinical quotas, teeth setting … Phew and that too in summer.

•Final year hopping to all departments to complete the work in all the 7 departments.

•Fighting with friends for instruments, cases.

•Taking part in college annual functions, sports, dance, fashion show & my personal favourite live music shows.  Making drugs in mortar & pestle 🙂

And so many more moments.

Moments that seemed trivial that time but as time passes they become memories.

Frankly speaking, days of BDS are fast and create lot of happy memories.

All of us pick some hobbies during that time. I took interest in guitar and web designing.

Dental Student after the Honey Moon Phase 

The honeymoon gets disturbed usually in the last phase of the internship.

That’s the time when we see our friends who are in the engineering stream getting campus placements with a starting package of minimum 30 K per month.

And that’s the time many of us are working in a seniors clinic for a sum of 1000 bucks.

And that’s the time we start getting tension for our future.

That sense of urgency comes.

My Feeling – What’s next? How many more years before a stable job.

I think that’s the time, around when many of us start saying ” I Question My Decision to choose a Dental career ”

Every thing just starts looking negative.

But the fact is every problem has a solution.

But one needs to plan and work on to consistently to turn a career into a successful career.

There will be days when you will start questioning your career decision.

But you will have to find a way by your work and smartness.

Any ways there is no reason to get disheartened. Talk with people you are close to. After discussions with parents some solution will come out. For example, I decided to prepare for Dental Post-graduation exams, few of my other friends joined pharma companies, some started preparing for civil service exams. Luckily for me and my set of friends things fell in place. I got through MDS exams.

Two of my friends have moved ahead in the company management. The one who prepared for state civil service got through exams and now is a Class I income tax officer.

So things always work out for the career in some way.

As for me I started my MDS session and believe me it’s not even half fun as BDS days.

The thing to understand here is that … In all the years of studying dentistry (BDS & MDS) we should not start thinking dentistry as life itself. Life is about so much more.

It’s a journey with so much more to do.

Been a journey from BDS to MDS. And am thankful to God for all the opportunities & experiences. Now am in the final year of my MDS … Fighting through case quotas, seminars, big heart break, pain, making music. And life rolls on.

I know it’s a random abstract piece of article. And here am not telling you how you should prepare for exams or how you should study. Every body has their own way. I just want to say , if you consider life as a whole , then BDS / MDS is just a small part of it. Explore the life in all aspects. Don’t worry too much about exams, MDS, dental career etc. Just move with the flow.

Fill your heart with all the love and respect for everyone and everybody in your life. Thank god for all you have and also for all that you are going to have. Say thanks for the special people who have given you love and time, even if they are not in your life anymore. Acceptance, love, understanding will bring peace. And then you can set forth for the journey of life and god bless all.

Photo 337

I guess I should get back to my books … 

And all my dental friends & students, please stop worrying too much about dentistry, MDS, exams, NEET… There’s a lot more to life. Just believe that God will shower with all the happiness.

Well, it’s time for me to get back to my study desk. Back to reading Carranza :/

And my dear friends ” Hakuna Matata” 🙂