How to Prepare for NEET MDS – Chapter 2 – How To Revise Topics For NEET Exams (Phases of Revisions)

Welcome to the Chapter 2 of the series on NEET "All About NEET MDS Entrance Exams". In this section, we will know how to effectively REVISE the theory and MCQs to secure than maximum marks in the NEET MDS Exam.

Welcome to “All About NEET” MDS Entrance series at in collaboration with Dr. Narendranatha Reddy, MDS, CEO and MD of Brihaspathi Academy for NEET.

Dr. Reddy has more than two decades of teaching experience particularly in preparing students for All India MDS entrance exams. As now, NEET is the single exam required to qualify for MDS, Dr. Reddy has devised patented exclusive study materials, online courses and assembled many top teachers to teach medical and dental subjects.

In this series of articles, “All About NEET” Dr. Reddy is providing some of the most valuable tips on How to Effectively prepare for NEET and succeed in it.

The most crucial aspect of success in NEET (after you spend more than 10 months in effective planning and preparation for the NEET Exam) is the quality of your revision.

You may spend hours, days and months in preparing hard for NEET. However, all this will be effective only when you are able to carry out multiple phases of revision.

These revision phases will help you in reinstalling the already understood questions and concepts in your memory.

You will recall that the EMD technique we mentioned in the previous part of this article. If you have used this technique correctly, then you would have by now marked all the MCQs in regards to the category Easy, Medium & Difficult.By following the EMD technique, you have in fact laid the foundation for a STRONG revision once you arrive at the revision phase of NEET.

REVISION PHASE – 1 STUDY PLAN – 2 to 4 Months before NEET

  • Majority of the preparation is like the Preliminary Phase
  • Divide the Time Period for each Subject based on your level of confidence and difficulty
  • Follow Similar Preparation as you did one before the Weekend Test
  • This is the time you can start reading additional material (Only if desired)
  • You can also increase the Study hours from 10 – 12 hours per day but never beyond that

REVISION PHASE – 2 STUDY PLAN – 1 to 2 Months before NEET

  • You have entered the final phase of the Preparation
  • Start practicing more and more MCQs based on the Time
  • Do only on Computer to get adapted to the Exam scenario
  • Give importance to the chit notes made by you
  • Keep revising memory-based points/MCQs
  • Don’t neglect important Pictures/Images
  • Keep an eye on clinical/case-based items
  • Keep studying for 10-12 Hours per day


  • Reduce your Study Hours less than 10 hours per day
  • Increase your night sleeping hours at least for 8 hours per day
  • Don’t be exited
  • Be ready with your Hall Ticket etc
  • Map the exam center and plan your travel


  • Don’t touch any new book or don’t discuss anything with peers
  • These things increase your stress levels
  • Spend time with your loved ones, not with exam peers
  • Keep Calm

It is very crucial to stay calm a day before the NEET. If you have prepared well and to the best of your potential, there is no need to be nervous and jittery. Being so is not going to help you in any way.

You have already trained your mind adequately. All now that is left is to channel your preparation and training in the correct direction. So, not losing your calm a day before the NEET exam will help you immensely in performing the exam at your best level.


  • Pack all the necessary things related to the Exam center
  • Reach the Exam Hall at least half an hour before the Scheduled time


  • It’s too early to discuss this
  • Will be discussed in another article in the month of December 2018

Take Away Points:

If you go in a retrograde manner, then your success in the NEET exam depends on how well you have revised all the required subjects. 

However, a successful revision depends on how properly you have worked (on a weekly basis) until the last couple of months of NEET Exam.

And how efficiently you can work during NEET preparation, depends on the proper planning you made and executed.

In the series, till now Dr. Narendranatha Reddy has covered all the above-mentioned aspects in great detail and practical examples.

In the upcoming series, he will discuss two most practical question faced by every NEET Aspirant:

  • Whether I should Self Study or Join A Coaching Center?
  • What are the NEET Time management issue or tips if you are an Intern, Practicing Dentist, Home Maker or a Dental Graduate (BDS) who graduated many years back.

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