Top 20 Dental Clinics in the World – The Coolest & The Most Awesome

We searched all over the internet to bring you the collection of some of the most beautiful and some weird :D collection of dental clinics you will ever find.

Introduction: For every dentist, it is a dream to have a professional clinic that is different and best from other dental set ups. The professional set over the time becomes the identity for every dentist. So, it is no surprise that dentists take utmost care to build up their clinic.

So, we searched all over the internet to bring you the collection of some of the most beautiful and some weird 😀 collection of dental clinics you will ever find. Some of the designs of the clinics that you are going to see are beyond what you can imagine!

Maybe you will get some ideas for your first or second clinic. :O

For all of us dentists, there is one common thing which all of us desire. And that is a place that we can call as:

And that is a place that we can call as our professional practice.

So, for 10 minutes forget all about your worries and just enjoy the look of these amazing beautiful dental clinics.

Top 10 Must Amazingly Build Dental Clinics in the World

Let’s Start …

 These Dental Clinic Set Ups Are Like 5-star set ups for your teeth

Aspen Dental Clinics

The buildings of Aspen Dental Clinic are some the biggest and coolest dental buildings in the world. Just have a look.

image source: Aspen

Next Clinic Is Exact Replica Of Oral Cavity

Tooth Clinic ( China)

That would look like a great clinic. Actually, it’s Colgate’s massive installation on dental hygiene at Museo de Los Ninos by Geoff Sowrey.

Check out Nest, the dental clinic built in castles

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Smile Clinic Ireland

It’s a dental clinic in a castle

Image Source : Smiles Dental Ireland

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Dental Excellence Clinic ! Real Excellence Personified

Dental Excellence (Poland)

image source :

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Kitty Themed Dental Clinic (Japan)


There are Hello Kitty restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and more, so why not a dentist office? For those that just can’t stand the sterile environment of the standard dentist clinic, the Hello Kitty dentist office is a welcome alternative…even if it means having to travel to Japan just for teeth cleaning.

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Dental Clinic For Royals

Royal Dental in Bucharest, Romania


It’s good to be the king, and at Royal Dental in Bucharest, Romania, everyone’s treated like royalty! Well, maybe not, but at least their dental needs are treated amidst office decor that would make Marie Antoinette feel right at home. Designed by EZZO, Royal Dental dazzles its staff and patients with a princely color scheme featuring bright white walls & fixtures highlighted by majestic purple trim.

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Orange Themed Dental Clinic

Orange Themed Dental Clinic (Germany)

Source :

The dentist KU64 on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin-Charlottenburg is designed by Graft architects with a modern and futuristic concept. Owned by Dr. Ziegler, this dental clinic uses a radically new morphology for a medical setting.

The interior uses striking color, an inspiration between orange, white red and smooth lighting, resulting in a stunning and amazing dental interior. Anamorphic images in white are silk screened onto the orange surface and can only be deciphered from distinct viewpoints. While moving through the clinic, the surface’s appearance continuously changes. Furniture and topographical volumes double as storage space, and technical equipment is seamlessly integrated into the contours of the interior.

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Dr. Myeres Retro Car Vintage Clinic !!! It’s Awesome !!!

Dr. Myers Retro Ortho Clinic

In a tribute to the past, this orthodontist office in Arkansas resembles a 1950s diner and car service station. Hot rod enthusiast Dr. David Myers built all of the furniture by hand, and the office features a 1947 Mercury coupe for the reception desk and a 1956 Olds 98 and pinks 1959 Cadillac as coaches.

Image Source:

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The Dental Clinic For Teens with guitars above dental chairs

The Dental Clinic For Teens

with guitars above dental chairs

Image Source:

Designed from the ground up for teens, DFT – Dentistry for Teens – features a technology counter for MAC browsing, smoothies, online music, and gameplay. Props from My Studio Line create the movie theater like a cloud above the counter. There’s a bank of Video Game screens for XBox and Playstation amongst the comic book wall.

A vintage Ms. Pacman table console and a DVD jukebox offer entertainment. The rock n’ roll operator features a 9-foot guitar, video gaming and movie viewing on the patient’s video screen. Dentistry for Teens was designed by Aaron Christensen, owner of

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Awesome Clinic For Kid. You will feel like a kid there. Cool !!!!

Kinderdentist Clinic (Berlin)

Really Cool Dental Clinic For Kids & Teens. No Words to describe it. It’s really cool. These cool images are from the fabulous Kinderdentist in Berlin. Designed by Brad Pitt’s

Designed by Brad Pitt’s favorite architecture firm, the super-creative and multi-functional GRAFT, this is the kind of place that makes us want to be kids again.

Never thought we’d say that about a dental office, but what can we do? Why exactly is it that adults’ dental offices don’t look like this?

Kinderdentist is an underwater world of play and adventure with a 12-foot visual wave drawing the guests into a world of blue hues and pixilated schools of fish. You feel as if you were underwater in a submarine, just waiting for exciting things to happen, and yes, kids’ teeth get fixed there, too.

Image Source :

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A Dental Clinic In An Aquarium. It’s SO SO SO Cool

For all the water lovers visiting a dental clinic

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Every Kids Dream Dental Clinic !!! It’s Just Awe Some !!!

Children’s Dental Care

Children’s Dental Care is the pediatric dentistry practice of George Hankerson, DDS, and Brent Kvittem, DDS. After building two office suites in multi-tenant buildings, the partners decided to develop a building to their own specifications.

They found a prime location in a newly constructed shopping complex offering pad sites. The site they chose permitted construction of a multi-tenant commercial building designed around their pediatric dentistry practice.

The Entire designing was done by Designer Strapko Phal Diane. In a very short span of time, the designer came up with this awesome design that appeals to all the kids starting from toddlers to preschoolers to teenagers.

Image Source:

This concludes this list of some of the coolest dental clinics we could find. We are sure there are much more. We will try to search & add more clinics to this list as we find them around the internet 😀