An interview is a face-to-face meeting, especially for the purposed of assessing the candidate for the job applied for.


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Suppose you have been short Listed and called to attend the interview for joining Army Dental Corps . What are the DOs & DON’Ts ? What should you do to  or rather what you shouldn’t do in the interview. 

An interview is a face-to-face meeting, especially for the purposed of assessing the candidate for the job applied for. It aims at evaluating your academic knowledge, awareness or current topics, communication skills, the clarity of thought and expression and sense of balance, and ability to extricate you from tricky situation.


One of the most fundamental factors that contribute to the successful interview is the time and quality of preparation made by.

Normally the President/ Vice President of the Services Selection Board will conduct the personal Interview. They are very senior Officer from the Armed forces. Degree of preparedness for an interview helps reduce the uncertain anxiety prior to the Interview.

The amount of effort you wish to put into preparation is directly proportional to your out put at the interview. How to plan your preparation ?

Preparation develops Confidence and gears you for the anticipated grilling.

Prepare the following:

How to Tackle?

  1. Write down in a neat and legible handwriting the PIQ form given to you. Try to put down everything in an orderly and crisp manner. Revise your Bio-data thoroughly.
  2. Try to form your own questions based on it. Answer them to your full satisfaction. Check your Bio-Date for grammatical and spelling error. Remember discerning interviewer expects Zero error in the Bio-Data.
  3. Try and collect as much information about the City in which you live, your School, College, place of interview and places you have visited.

Be sure regarding your hobbies.

For example, if you have written reading as a hobby, be sure about what you have been reading. Interviewer expects a serious reply. He expects the names of the authors and then will ask questions based on their themes.

A serious reader will score over others who refer cheap detective, thriller novels. The logic holds good for any other hobby you have mentioned in your PIQ.Be clear of your favourite subject and area of you interest in the subject, which you are/have specialised.

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Your Appearance for the Interview 

The Smart Way to dress 

Refresh your Core Subject knowledge. Then interviewer might ask you a few technical questions.

A well-groomed look gives an image of thoroughness and professional look.

  • Your achievements should be brought out in a systematic order as and when you are asked about it.Follow the normal etiquette for the interview.
  • Wait for the officer to speak first- Listen carefully before you speak.
  • Take a few long breaths this will calm down your nerves, after listening to the question carefully, clarify your doubts if any, before you answer the question.Think well before you answer. For more questions will follow your answers.

  • The New Technique adopted at the SSB Interview is RAPID QUESTIONS . Listen to the questions carefully. Think well before you answer, elaborate your answers and tactfully take him on to your strong points. Do not over emphasize them.
  • Be very clear in your thought and expression. Don’t speak in a low voice, be loud enough so that interviewer don’t have to strain their ears.
  • Be brief, brevity is the hallmark of a good communicator. Answer all the questions in a sequence.If you don’t know an answer be Honest. The Interviewer will respect integrity and honesty.
  • NEVER Exaggerate.Never boast about anything including your achievements.Never enter into an argument with the interviewer on any topic.

Must Know these Stuffs:

  1. The rank structure of the forces.
  2. The current events.
  3. Knowledge about your town.
  4. Your projects.
  5. Why you want to join the forces.
  6. What will you do in case you do not get selected at selected.
  7. (this is to see how determined you are in achieving your aim)
  8. Have a plan B in case you exhaust all the chances then you will.

Be Witty & Use Common Sense as interviews are never just from the subjects

For example – When the interviewer asks you to organize a trekking event remember the following points. or any other event the heading under which you can cover the preparations are:

Initial Preparation. Venue. Event. Specific Items need for the event. Communication. On the day. Hospitality. Budget. Keeping the journal and recording the event. After the event.

  • Maintain proper Eye contact with the person who asks you the Question. This shows your Confidence and honesty. Avoid using frequently words and phrases like” I mean”, ” You know”, “well”, “as such” etc. In the end you want to ask the officer any questions plese do so, if not then so politely “I have no questions to ask you sir.” Last but not the least, BE NATURAL. When the interview ends.
  • If offered a Handshake, do so, if not just say, “Thank you for the opportunity and put the chair back to its original position before leaving. Leave the place with a warm smile and a nod of head. Close the door gently and leave the room.

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Things NOT to do in the interview 

  • Most of the time you will be asked to attend the Interview in the attendance of seasoned army officers , who will be observing every thing about you .
  • So a good , neat and tidy appearance just before you enter the interview room is a must . The thing with a neat appearance is it exhibits that you are organized. 
  • It is better for you to keep a small pocket Comb and a neat and clean Handkerchief. Freshen up yourself before you set foot in the interviewers room.
  • Your warm smile, excellent etiquette and a firm handshake will be starting point.

As we have brought out earlier, RAPID Fire questions are the order of the time 

  • It means you will be asked to answer a number of questions after listening to them just once.
  • Please listen to the question carefully. If you have not understood the question then ask for the clarification.
  • Try and answer the questions in the same sequence as put forth to you.
  • Since the distance between you and the interviewing officer would be about 6 feet, you are expected to talk in a loud and clear voice. Take your time think and answer questions.



You will be caught.

Interviewing Officers are usually hold the Rank of Colonel or its higher rank in Army or equivalent ranks in Navy/Air Force.Here are some of the tips which you will find it useful while facing the Interviewing officer :

  • Be tidy and well dressed. Wear simple clothes but well fitting clothes.Do not wear jewellery.
  • On entering the room wish the panel and do what they say.
  • Do not get over anxious. A minor degree of nervousness is expected from everyone.
  • Be Yourself.
  • Be polite and use words like “Please”, “Sir”, Do not sound egoistic.
  • Be natural and never convey extravagant ideas like ” I would die for my country” or ” The best profession is the Defense Forces “.
  • Do not lie or beat around the bush. If you are not sure of the answer say that you do not know. You are not going to be penalized for say it.
  • Be brief, loud and clear.

The major questions like Why do you want to join the Army/Navy/Air Force?. There are no perfect answer to this question. While answering it try to convey 4 or 5 facts such as:

  1. Defence services offers a Challenge to a young person.
  2. Merit is given due recognition in the Forces.
  3. I will get an opportunity to learn and experience the latest technological inventions.
  4. I like an out door life rather than a 10 to 5 desk job.
  5. I will get an opportunity to mingle with all sorts of people and persons from different parts of the country.
  6. In my opinion the Uniformed forces offers reasonable pay and perks.
  7. One of the most respected professions in Indian is that of a soldier.

  • Be truthful in stating your hobbies. be prepared to answer questions about it.
  • High light your achievement in sports, NCC and other extra curricular activities.
  • Current affairs be a regular reader of magazines and news paper.
  • When a situation is given to you think and answer be very specific and answer in the most practical way.
  • Thanks the Officer for his time before you leave the room.

Wish u all the very best to achieve the prestigious ranks in Indian Armed Forces

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