GMass Review – Powerful Gmail Mail Merge

In the 21st century, the success of any venture depends on the extent and quality of promotional campaigns. The Goal of the promotional campaign is to make the audience aware about your product and how it can make their life easy. The sSame rule applies for your dental practice also. In this post, we will tell you about a very easy and cost-effective way to market your dental practice – right from your Gmail inbox.

E-Mail Promotion for your Dental Practice/Hospital

In our last few posts, we have described in detail on how to use the internet, websites and social media to promote, market & spread awareness about your professional dental/Health practice among the public.

You have invested a lot of money into setting up your dental practice or Professional Health Service. After so much investment – if you become stringy and don’t spend on ” Online Promotion “- then it can be a tactical error from a business point of view.

Let’s assume that you already have your professional set up ready. You are also having your Dental Practice/Professional Health Service Website & Social Media pages all set and live on the internet. You are also actively promoting your website by paid advertisements and getting visitors to your website.

For example, let’s say, today you had 100 visitors on your dental website. They read some of your contents and they liked the dental treatment facilities that you are providing.

Now the question is how to establish a long-term relationship with the visitors to your site?

So your dental website or health service website must have 2 systems to have a long lasting connection with those 100 viewers.

The first is to have a system on your website to collect the E-Mail of your readers. A gentle system that will prompt the visitor to subscribe to your website by registering via their e-mail id.

9 out of 10 visitors will leave your site without taking action and that’s losing loyal audience who like your contents.

So you need to have a system that will give the reader a chance to stay connected with you in future. If your contents are informative then there is 90 % chance that the visitor won’t hesitate to provide their e-mail to stay in touch with your website.

At also, we use a system and give choice to our readers to subscribe to our weekly newsletters. We use an amazing software for the purpose – Get Site Control 

Now let’s say you have 5000 visitors who have already subscribed to your website by submitting their e-mail. You have a great offer and new addition to your dental practice/health services

How do you inform potential clients immediately and easily?

This is where the e-mails that you have collected from your visitors will come handy. You can use the e-mails to send news/information about your dental practice at the same time to 5000 members directly in their inbox. Such marketing methods are much more useful & targeted than overrated/costly social media marketing.


There are many e-mail campaign companies in the market that you can use for sending Bulk Emails to your readers. But in the long run, they get too costly. So, we have a great solution to this and that is called

GMass – Email Campaign From Your Gmail 

and GMass is the most simple & cost effective tool you will ever need for generating a super SUCCESSFUL E-MAIL campaign

What is GMass  & How to Install and Set it Up

G Mass is a powerful email marketing and follow-up service for Gmail.

Using your Chrome web browser G-Mass will integrate with your G-Mail (Please note G-Mass cannot read or access your inbox).

(Please note G-Mass cannot read or access your inbox. It just integrates with your browser).

With the help of GMass, you can then send your promotional e-mails to 60,000 people every month directly from your G-Mail account. No need to log in and compose emails in any other e-mail campaign company website. Using GMass you just need to log in to your Gmail account like any other day. And then the magic happens! Right from your Gmail account … click compose and you are ready to start your e-mail campaign. 

So GMass is the perfect mail merge Gmail tool – that power packs your Gmail account to provide powerful e-mail campaign right from your Gmail inbox.

How cool is that?

And it’s very easy to set up GMass

All you need is a Google account. That you must be having.

For example, you might be having a standard e-mail account like “”

But for your dental practice  or company (e.g. 32intact) its better to have an e-mail like

“yourname @”

This type of professional e-mail id you can have using Google Apps for Email which costs very less. Once you have the Professional G-mail account, it can easily set up with G mass. You don’t have to anything extra, G Mass will integrate with your browser and you are ready to start your e-mail campaign right from your Gmail account.

This Google Apps Professional E-Mail account will give you the capacity to send 2000 e-mails every day using GMass.

That’s around 60,000 e-mails to spread the information about your clinical practice at a fraction of the price compared to other e-mail marketing options.

We have given a detailed price comparison at the end of the article.

How to Start an E-Mail Campaign with GMass

By now you have your professional Gmail id set up.

You have also installed and activated GMass Extension in your Google Chrome Browser.

Download all the e-mails you have collected in an excel format. (Get Site Control) that we use on our site lets us download all the subscribed emails into Excel or CSV format.

Then you can upload all the email ids in the CSV file directly on to google sheet (which you can easily find in your Google drive). Google sheet is the online version of Excel format. Google sheet when used with GMass makes the e-mail campaign a 2 button click work.

For example, if you have a base of 10,000 subscribers to whom you want to send your e-mail campaign. Then you can make 6 Google Sheets (name the sheets as per your convenience) in your Google Drive. Each Google sheet will have 1666 e-mail ids. (See The Picture Above) Just like in the picture … you can choose the Google sheets (which you have already named).

Suppose you choose sheet with the name ” Previous Patients “. Click on that sheet and all the e-mail in that sheet will load into your compose box.

That’s it. All you have to do now is to write a great promotional e-mail and click the send button. And immediately your e-mail reaches the inbox of all the members in the sheet ” Previous Patients”

This way you can create sheets for your convenience – Say ” Previous Patients ” or “Last Year Patients” or    “Implant Patients” and send them mail using G mass.

The E-mails you send will have that personal touch also. Because GMass can extract the name of the recipient from the list and address them in the mail. For example,  you are sending information about New Dental Implants to 1000 different people. GMass will send each mail with the name of the receiver.

See the Pic below. 665 members are being sent mail at the same time right from your Gmail Account.

But How much it will  Cost you?

Be amazed that Subscription use of GMass is 10 times cheaper in terms of price than any other competitive similar products in the market at Just $ 7 for more than 10,000 e-mails (you can actually send 60,000).

Most of the other competitive e-mail campaign companies will cost minimum $ 60 or more for 10,000 e-mail campaigns per month.

How Much GMass Costs?

“I Have heard that e-mail campaigns are very costly?”

Yes, to some extent it is true.

Market is full of E-Mail campaign companies that will do

bulk e-mail promotion for your company/dental practice/health services.

But in the long run, they get too costly.

Such e-mail companies are more suitable for big e-commerce giants like

Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba who can spend millions on campaigns.

But what about start-ups, small businesses, medium range to big businesses & health practices like yours?

G Mass is the perfect solution for you.

And we are not saying just like that.

We have been using GMass for some time and we can tell you with certainty that GMass is the most cost-effective solution in the market right now for e-mail campaigns for your dental setup.

Let’s compare the pricing of 3 most famous e-mail campaign companies with the cost of the GMass subscription.

Pricing of Mailchimp

So, for 10000 e-mails you need to pay $ 75 per month (Source:

Pricing of Aweber

For 10,000 e-mails you need to pay $ 69 per month.

Pricing of Get Response

For 10,000 e-mails you need to pay $ 75 per month.


Pricing of GMass

(Source: GMass Pricing)

For a monthly price of $7 only, you can send 60,000 emails every month and create a highly targeted and effective e-mail marketing campaign about your professional health care system.

That is almost 10 times lesser price than what similar e-mail services are charging right now.

    • That too you don’t need to send all the emails at a time. You can drip send the campaign in 30 days at a speed of 2000 e-mails per day.
    • That way you will exactly know the response of your audience to your e-mail campaign.
    • GMass also has the option to show you how many messages has been seen by the recipients.
    • Gmail’s Compose window: Compose your message just like any other Gmail message. Include attachments and inline images.
    • Personalization: Personalize the Subject and Body with the following insertions: {FirstName} {LastName} and {EmailAddress}. If you connect to a Google Sheets spreadsheet with other columns, you can personalize to your heart’s content. {Company}, {City}, {DateOfBirth}.
    • Google Sheets Integration: Choose a Google Sheets spreadsheet and GMass will pull email addresses and other fields from it.
  • Scheduling: Schedule mass emails to be sent later.
  • Open Tracking: Turn open-tracking on or off. It means you will get the info on whether your email was seen by the recipient.
  • Click Tracking: Turn click-tracking on or off.
  • Unsubscribe Link: Provide an optional unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails.
  • Reports: Campaign level reports that show how many people opened, clicked, replied, and bounced. All reports are now downloadable in CSV

Many more features are also integrated which will take your e-mail campaign to the next level.

All these features for just $6 to $ 7 monthly.

As stated before, the pricing of GMass is almost 10 times lower than the pricing of other e-mail services in the market right now.

On top of that G Mass is also providing educational institutes & non-profits 30 % discount.

For an e-mail campaign about your dental hospital or clinic, there is no need to shell out 75$ per month in other high-cost e-mail campaign companies.

You have the perfect solution for you which is GMass.

GMass in not only cost effective but very easy to use.

 The Biggest Advantage of GMass over other email campaign companies?

What is the deliverability of the emails sent by GMass? Which means how many percentages of e-mails that you send as a campaign, are actually seen?

Which means how many percentages of e-mails that you send as a campaign, are actually seen?

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand

When we were not using GMass but another e-mail campaign company – the emails we used to send were by default always going to the promotional tab of the recipient’s e-mail account.

Later we came to know that Gmail security settings by default put all the promotional emails into a separate tab. That reduces the chances for the mail to be seen by 60 %. How many times have you personally checked out all the emails in the promotion tab of your e-mail account? Never ?

The responses to our email campaigns were very low.

Emails sent via GMass lands in the inbox of the recipient 

But after using GMass the “deliverability” of our e-mails campaigns have increased by 90 % as all the campaign e-mails are going directly into the inbox of the recipients. The reason behind this is – the email that is sent via GMass is actually going from your Gmail account itself by the Google Servers. So, Google recognizes them as genuine emails and delivers them straight to the inbox of your subscriber.

This is the biggest advantage of GMass and increases the chances of your campaign being actually seen by 90 % and of course, GMass has the system to tell you if the message was seen. 

It has helped to inform doctors about crucial updates and coordinate with volunteers and authors to increase the interaction.

Reviews & Ratings

Currently, GMass is being used by more than 60,000 active users & GMass has a perfect 5 Star Rating in the Chrome App Store. These ratings are given by genuine users who have used and have been benefited a lot in their e-mail marketing using GMass.

So, what are you waiting for?

No need to worry anymore for spending huge amounts on e-mail campaigns. The perfect solution is there for you to use. Below we are providing the official links. You can visit the links where all the details about how to use GMass have been mentioned in a very simple manner. You can check out GMass at their Official Site.

Also, check out the official blog of GMass with all details on how to use it – GMass Blog

The support provided by the GMass team, especially by the developer of GMass  – Mr. Ajay Goel is really awesome.So, my fellow doctors start using GMass. In the case of any doubts, you can contact the official support at GMass site.

GMass is the perfect mail merge Gmail service and perfect for the promotion of your clinical practice

Also, if you want, we will also guide you how to use GMass integrated with your clinical practice website.

Wishing you all the best for a profitable Practice in your Professional Health Services.